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Q. How and where can Yogastickmen images and products be used?


Yogastickmen® images may only be used in the following way:


:1..  In documentation for the express purpose of education and teaching and in reproduced quantities not to exceed one hundred (100).


2. Images may not be used on websites, digital media, as part of or in any products or apps, or in connection with any service designed to sell or induce sales of digial or "print on demand" products, including, by way of example only, postcards, mugs, t-shirts, posters, giclee prints, artwork and other items.


The full license details can be found in our Terms and Conditions and the Standard License Agreement is a condition of the contract of sale and  is  agreed to when the purchase is made.



Q. How do I return an item?


Package your item up securely and return to our postage address by post.(mail), Please obtain a receipt from the post office / mail provider as proof of postage. The cost of the return is at your expense unless otherwise agreed in advance and a refund of the item (less the original cost of postage) will be made on recipt of the item subject to it being returned  in the condition it was sent.



Q. What is your returns policy?


If you have problems with any of our products please notify us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to replace or rectify as soon as possible. For images and digital products that are emailed directly to the customer we regret that we cannot provide refunds as the product is delivered up front.



Q. Do you send products internationally?


Yes we do. We are happy to dispatch products all around the world.



Q. When will I get my items?

All downloadable products are delivered to the email address given by the buyer upon completion of the order and payment process. 


We attempt to deliver digital products (Yogastickmen® Packages, Teaching Packs and all digital products ) within 24 hours. 


All other products are delivered by Royal Mail in accordance with the postal options selected during the order process. Please allow 5 working days for delivery of posted items in the UK and up to 21 days for other destinations.



Q. Can I use your products on my IPAD, tablet or phone?


No. Our digital products have not been designed for use on tablets or mobile devices so do not attempt to download to these devices. Our digital products have been designed to create documents and handouts on computers, MAC's,  PC's and laptops.


Q. Can I use Yogastickmen® images  commercially?


No.  Commercial Licences  can be negotiated on an individual basis upon application and agreement and subject to contract directly with Yogastickmen®. A separate fee and contract dependent on the proposed use of the images will need to be agreed. If you are interested in an Enhanced Licence, please send full details of your request detailing your proposed use to for review.



Q. How does your licensing work exactly?


All images, software and products can only be used under the terms of the Standard License. Detailed information can be found on our Terms and Conditions page. Any breaches of the conditions willl result in your licence for use being cancelled prohibiting further use of any Yogastickmen products. You will no longer be able to use the images/products and will be required to destroy them, All breaches of the terms are also subject to legal action to recoup any loses to Yogastickmen® if required. 



Q. Can I share the images/products with others?

No. The images are only licensed for use to one person - the individual who purchased the product and license for use. If you require access for more than one individual they must each purchase the product and licence of their own. Products and images cannot be shared. This would constitute a breach of the licence agreement and your licence for use will be cancelled prohibiting further use of any Yogastickmen products.



Q. Can I create an online gallery of your images?

No. You may not create online galleries or any online products/projects using Yogastickmen® images. Yogastickmen® images cannot be used on any websites, galleries (online or digital) or in any digital media, apps or products.



Q. Can I use Yogastickmen® images and products for marketing or to promote my business?

No. You may not use or display a Yogastickmen® image or product as part of or in connection with the production, promotion or marketing of your business (i.e logos and marketing collateral), any multimedia, digital, online, audio-visual work or audio only work, including, without limitation, any documentary, news show, television program or film, in any media to support , enhance or promote your business.

Q. If I modify an image, can I claim copyright to that image?



You may modify an image and use it, however, you may not claim copyright for that image.


Yogastickmen® continues to own all images,  and copyright to the images whether or not they have been modified.



Q. Are your products available wholesale?


Yes they are. Please email us at  info@yogastickmen .com with full details of your requirements.

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