Take your yoga off the Mat……And keep that feeling of well being with you throughout the day!


We all love that feeling at the end of our yoga practice - that feeling of being connected, relaxed, breathing fully and deeply, and feeling centred….. fast forward a few hours when the phone is ringing off the hook or beeping at you, you have an inbox full of unread emails and a deadline you are trying to meet is fast approaching…or (and usually in addition to) you have to pick up the kids, plan dinner and save the world…


Even with the best intentions it is sometimes difficult to connect and stay with our inner zen so the the Yogastickmen® range of cards, gifts, Apps and Tools has been designed with just this in mind… to help us remember to take care of ourselves … to take our yoga and off the mat… to keep our zen with us ...and continue to relax, breathe, manage our stress and stay well throughout the day.

Yogastickmen®  is an award nominated business and was created by Patricia Ezechie in 2006 from an original idea. She is a fully qualified Sivananada and British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and Personal Development and Executive Business Coach and decided to develop Yogastickmen® while completing her teacher training course with the British Wheel as she could not find an easily accessible source of digital yoga stick men images that could be easily incoporated into documents and handouts. There was nothing like this product available at the time so she created it.... YOGASTICKMEN®  was born. 


10 years on the Yogastickmen® product range now includes Yoga Cards, Yoga T-Shirts and Yoga Gifts for all Yoga and Wellbeing practictioners and lovers, and a range of Apps, tools and resources. Patricia's aim in creating and  continuing to develop YOGASTICKMEN® products is to to help you survive stressful days with grace and cheer, help you teach yoga and and spread the word of connection and self development with love, and encourage you to develop your own yoga practice and inner zen.



Namaste x